Liz Kerr is an artist and writer based in Philadelphia.


Waves of Sea Glass

Acrylic on canvas – Featured in Mayday Magazine (May, 2021)

Beyond the Seas

Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic on canvas- Featured in Beyond Words Literary Magazine (April, 2021)

Liquid crystals series #2
Liquid crystals series #2
Liquid crystals series 3
Liquid crystals series #3
Liquid crystals series #3
Crystal Sunflower
Night Sky Oculus
Liquid crystals series #2
Liquid Crystals series 2
Sea Isle
Winter Moss
Not the Same
Atomic Veterans
Confluence 2020
Short story anthology
Short story anthology
Featured short story ‘The Purser’
Short story contest 1st place ‘After the River’
‘The Ringmaster’

ABOUT Liz Kerr has had short stories, poetry and commentary published in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, City Paper, The Lancet, Philly Fiction, The Galway Review, Sixteen Magazine (Dublin), Jewish Currents Magazine, Irish Central, Rust Belt Rising, The Lo-Fed Chronicle and forthcoming in The Best Short Stories of Philadelphia. Her artwork has been featured in Beyond Words Literary Magazine and forthcoming in Mayday Magazine. She is a Registered Nurse in heart transplant and oncology at a Philadelphia hospital. She holds an MFA from Arcadia University and is a dual Irish and American citizen.